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    08-04-2020 UPDATE: COVID-19 Testing

    August 04, 2020

    August 4,2020

    Attn: Residents, Tenants & Families

    Update RE: COVID-19 Testing

     On Monday late afternoon, August 3rd, we received one other notification that a tenant tested positive at The Country Place (TCP) assisted living building. Management received the final documented results for all testing, confirmed that this case, as well as the positive employee case at Pioneer Memorial Care Center are the only two positive cases from our site prevalence testing completedFriday, July 31st. Any at risk individuals will be contacted by leadership and MDH with provided guidance. All COVID infection control procedures have been put into place. This tenant had very little contact with public spaces or other tenants, and had limited external outings for clinical visits.

    The tenant has been placed into quarantine, and other tenants are encouraged to stay in their apartment, keeping doors closed to external hallwayfor preventative measures. Infection control procedures have been established for COVID oversight, and meals will continue to be held in individual’s rooms with disposable dishes.  All common areas are closed to ensure infection prevention, i.e. dining room, sitting areas, and kitchen.  Instructions have been shared with staff on infection control procedures to ensure the safety for all, please make requests for food/snacks at TCP through staff that will dispense to individuals safely. 

    All individuals should be wearing their Personal Protective equipment during any care delivery, around other individuals, and in public spaces when exiting their room for necessary excursions. MDH and CDC recommend maintaining social distances of 6ft. from other households with masks worn over the nose and mouth, and only one household on the elevator at a time. Additionally, a reminder that frequent hand washing or using hand sanitizer is recommended to protect yourself and others throughout the day.

    External appointments are strongly discouraged at this time; we can make virtual arrangements to meet most needs. Outside visits with visitors (masked and maintain 6ft distancing), as well as individuals who smoke in the designated areas will be asked to follow a schedule to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned between each use. Testing will continue to commence weekly on our campus until no new positive results are documented. If you have any questions feel free to contact the one of the appropriate individuals below. 

    Lisa Frey, Administrator 218-687-2365, ext. 223

    Angela Poole, RN, Director of Nursing (Assisted Living) 218-687-2365 ext. 243

    Melissa Bergman Director of Nursing (Pioneer Memorial Care Center) 218-687-2365 ex. 227


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