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    Pioneer Memorial Care Center
    Job Title: Administrator Reports to: Board of Directors

    Licensure Requirement: LNHA through the Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home
    administrators. The administrator is also required to complete and pass a state required background
    Job Functions
    I. Resident Care
    A. Monitor and evaluate residents’ satisfaction of the quality of care and quality of life through
    communications with residents and/or their representatives.
    B. Plan, implement and evaluate programs to insure that high standards of care are maintained.
    C. Maintain positive relationships with staff and residents in both the skilled nursing and assisted
    living facilities, in order to assess the quality of care.
    D. Consult with physicians, dietician, social workers, and other consultants in order to obtain highest
    standard of care.
    II. Personnel Management (recruit, train, evaluate and retain)
    A. Establish a work environment to foster communication between management and all staff.
    B. Implement procedures to recruit, train,evaluate, and retain staff to provide residents’ care and
    C. Assess training needs in an ongoing basis and provide methods necessary to obtain such
    D. Plan, implement, and evaluate personnel policies.
    E. Plan, implement, and evaluate employee health and safety programs.
    F. Develop and implement employee solution systems.
    G. Hire, evaluate, and discharge supervisory and office personnel.
    H. Meet weekly with department heads and have quarterly all-staff meetings.
    III. Financial Management (ensure financial viability in order to provide services needed by
    our residents)

    A. Develop and manage a budget for the facility to allocate fiscal resources.
    B. Prepare and oversee the yearly financial audit.
    C. Communicate the financial performance of the facility on a monthly basis.
    D. Manage accurate case-mix assessments.
    E. Administer appropriations for the purchase of equipment and supplies in compliance with Board
    F. Monitor Accounts Receivable aging process every other week with business manager.
    G. It is the duty of the administrator to provide appropriate notices to residents, guardians/POAs, and
    family in the event of a facility closure, as required by the CMS and the Minnesota Department of
    IV. Regulatory Management (comply with laws, regulatory codes, and governing entities

    A. Plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate policies and procedures to maintain compliance with
    federal and state laws and regulations.
    B. Plan, implement, and evaluate policies and procedures to maintain compliance with the Board of
    C. Prepare monthly financial and statistical statements for the Board of Directors, along with those
    necessary for county, state, and federal agencies.
    V. Organizational Management (ensure integration of all aspects of the operation through
    leadership and direction)

    A. Observe, monitor, and evaluate outcomes of all programs, policies, and procedures of the facility
    to ensure effectiveness, and develop solutions for problems and/or compliance breaches.
    B. Implement, monitor, and ensure the integration of residents’ rights with all aspects of the facility
    C. Plan, implement, and promote integration between the facility and other community and area
    facilities and resources.
    D. Establish the philosophy objectives, policies, and organizational structure within the guidelines of
    county, state, and federal regulations.
    E. Communicate with employees in a manner which will help them understand the organizational
    F. Identify annual goals and objectives, setting priorities for each.
    VI. Marketing and Public Relations
    A. Plan, implement, and evaluate marketing programs that inform residents and the community of
    the services offered.
    B. Develop and monitor a process for communicating with residents, families, staff, and volunteers.
    C. Develop referral communications with area hospitals.
    D. Involvement in local community organizations or activities.


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