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    We receive cards and letters from families on a regular basis, and want to share with you, what others have to say about the care they and their loved ones receive here at Pioneer Memorial Care Center.



    "When I had to put my wife Geri in the care of Pioneer Memorial Care Center it was after the staff at Valley Home said it was a great facility.  I know of many people that have brought their loved ones to this facility.  I often wondered why?  Upon bringing my wife Geri there i knew why.  The staff is one of the most caring groups of people I have ever met.  I was unsure of the type of care she would get at Pioneer.  My family and I are very pleased to say you did an outstanding job.  As Geri progressed to her final days your people were like family to her and we are very thankful for that.  Michael and I were on our way to see Geri on her final day, and we knew she was close to leaving us and we tired to get there as fast as we could but as fate has it, we did not make it in time.  An employee was standing at the door to greet us and I knew we were too late.  She told us that she was by Geri's side when she left this world into the arms of God.  It was a peaceful transition she had no pain.  We know she is at peace now. 

    My family, friends, and I cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for you all in the way you have watched over Geri.  You have truly touched our hearts with compassion and love."

    Don Sollom

    "Thank you for inviting me to the wonderful Christmas celebration.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  The program could not have been better.  It sure makes the Residents feel special when they get to be involved in something.  Especially with an event as special as Christmas.  The fashion in which PMCC presented the program was perfect.  The meal was awesome.  Hats off to the cooks who have mastered cooking for a large crowd and it still tastes home cooked.  Many times the "home cooking" taste gets lost.  The maintenance department did a wonderful, efficient and fast job setting up and re-setting up after the program for the meal.  They did their job so efficiently, they were not even noticed.  All those that helped get the folks up, dressed, fed, hair done, and ready to go is quite a task.  That in itself is a task.  It was quite evident that this had been done in the past.  All employees worked so well together.  Everyone had a job to do, and it was done quite well.

    Pioneer Memorial Care Center is very special.  I do not think I could find another facility with so many employees that care.  That is the reason PMCC is special.  If it were not for the caring of all employees for the residents, it would be like any other place.  I am beginning to think that it is a prerequisite to be kind, caring, and efficient to be hired at PMCC.

    Not only do the employees (and they are some of the best that I have seen) have to be understanding of the residents, they have to "put up" with the residents' families.  I know many times the families mean well.  But, I have to keep in mind, these employees are trained in what they do.  Most of the time they do know best.  But they cannot see everything, so they listen to the families.  Sometimes resident, employees, and families come together and jointly work out a situation.  That is a great trait of PMCC.  They work with all involved... And care!


    Jeanine Purcell

    "Dear Pioneer Family:  Thank you ALL so much for what you did for our Mother.  It takes a special type of person to do what you do.  All of you possess this skill.  I think maybe she might have passed some of her insights at times, on to you.  If Pioneer ever needs a reference for awesome care, give me a call, I will give you the maximum stars!  Thank you all one more time!"

    David Bourque

    "It was so nice meeting you and the rest of the Staff at Pioneer when we visited!  I was immediately impressed at the warmth and caring atmosphere and just how friendly everyone was.  Just having being there a short time, I felt solid about the care my Dad has received, and I could rest easier knowing he was in good hands!  And, to think you all never gave up on him, even when the "going got rough".  Thanks again for all you and the rest of the Staff do for not only my Dad but the other Residents.  They are lucky to have Pioneer."

    Tammy Peterson

    "Thank you for the lovely floral arrangement for our Mother/ Grandmother's funeral.  We are all very grateful for the wonderful care that you provided Lillian during her stay at Pioneer."

    Lillian's Family

    "Thank you so much for Claudia's Christmas gifts.  It was so nice that you ladies to do the shopping.  You know just what she needs, because you take care of her so well."

    Claudia's Mom

    "God bless each one of you for your amazing care of our Mother, Joan.  She was in wonderful hands these past 6 months at Pioneer."

    "How care we thank you for your kindness and compassion during our Mom (Joan's) last couple of weeks.  We appreciate everything all the staff did for her and our family.  Your kindness will always be remembered."

    Del, Patty, and Sandra Schob

    "Thank you for the care you provide for Mom and for Dad when he was there.  I was reminded of the love and compassion you and your staff provide when I was there recently when Mom had the flu.  It's a great comfort to me to know she is being cared for in the manner that you do."

    John Larson

    "Thank you for the wonderful care Polly received during the last few years.  I am especially thankful for the last few months when your thoughtfulness easer her passing."

     Lynne Fin

    "The care and love that were given to my Dad while he was living there was unbelievable, and so much appreciated.  During his last days and even after he passed away, he was shown so much respect and love by his caregivers.  I saw several caregivers mourning his death as if he were their own father, and I was really touched. 

    We also appreciate your multiple kindnesses to my Mom and the rest of our family during his last days, the visitation, and even at the funeral. We were given sympathy and support in the best of ways at all times. Dad would be so pleased."

    Donna Tronerud

    "Words cannot express our appreciation.  Just know Pioneer and the staff will be in our hearts and prayers daily."

    Dick, Sherry, Danny, & David

    "Thank you for providing our Mother such a beautiful "Home" coming.  The sincere care of you and your staff did not go unnoticed.  We are thankful that Mom is able to live the reminder of her life with dignity and respect surrounded by people who care.  Thanks for leading your staff to provide high quality care."

    Michelle Buchholz & Family

    "To the Pioneer Memorial Care Staff:  How I'd love to hug each and everyone of you for taking care of my brother.  I know I can't so please accept my "Thank You"..... it's from my heart!  I can honestly say with all my talks with brother, he never complained about any person and never found fault with anything.  I know he loved teasing the nurses and loved being teased back.  I do warmly thank you again and wish you the very best in health.  With good health you can make your own wealth! "

    Armella Nelson

    "Thanks for your wonderful care given to Jean.  The Royse family could not have asked for more love shown by the staff at Pioneer Care Center."

    Tim Royse

    "Thanks for all you do for Dad and the residents.  He really enjoyed the apple tasting and learned some new information to share with us; it's good to keep learning."

    Kat Wilson

    "Our family and I thank you for the wonderful care which you gave my husband at Pioneer Memorial Care Center in Erskine.  It was our desire that he would be able to return home but God had other plans for him and we are at peace with that."

    Violet Johnson & Family

    "Please extend a big "thank you" to all who made the Pioneer Care Center Annual Picnic possible.  I know the picnic takes much planning, coordinating, and many people working together to make it a reality.  We were impressed with the whole event and had an enjoyable time, as did my mother."

    Ray & Joyce Vasland

    "I want you to know how much I appreciated - and how much I needed - the time I spent at Pioneer Memorial Care Center.  I was almost at my "wits end" with the continued discomfort and pain for which I have been enduring for over a month.  I was very much impressed by the coordination between the various sections and the cooperation of the staff as well as the residents there.  I also enjoyed the morning and afternoon of activities, as it kept my mind off of my health problems and the food in my opinion was exactly right in every way.  Thank you very much!"


    "Thank you for the card and table cloth.  The table cloth is beautiful.  When I look at it, it will remind me of you and all the other friends I made at PMCC.  I will miss all of you."


    "Want to thank you with your help with my husband while he was there in Erskine.  I know he received excellent care there however I worried that while I was in the hospital that he would die alone, but he didnt.  For that, I thank you."

    Beatie, Mary, Marilyn, & Larry

    "Thank you so much for coming to the service.  It meant so much to us.  All of you at the home were like family.  Everyone is so friendly and caring.   We know the wonderful care both of our friends had.  They loved living there.  The staff is so loving and they got lots of hugs, I know.  And I know the food was great too!  Thank you to everyone for all the care, thoughts, and prayers."

    The Haug's and Newhouse's 

    "I want to thank you warmly for taking the time to talk to me also suggesting we have dinner with our loved one.  We really enjoyed our time together!  That was very thoughtful of you and it sure made he and I feel good.  I want to say that the nursing home is very clean and pleasant.  You and the nurses have a very pleasant personality and I speak highly of you."

    Armella Nelson

    "I can't thank you enough for everything you do.  You are always there when we need you and you show such love and concern for everyone.  Thank you for the beautiful quilt you donated and the hats for men's night.  I could go on and on but just thanks for being the wonderful person you are.  I love having you part of Pioneer."

    Nola Hanson

    "We cannot begin to thank you and the other staff members for the wonderful care that you gave to my Dad.  Please share our sentiments at your staff meeting.  You only knew Dad for 5 months, yet you feel like family."

    Mick, Bonnie, Dane, & Shana

    "Please greet all of the staff members who gave such wonderful care to my parents during their last days.  The special occasions are still difficult for us because of their loss, but we are comforted knowing we did the best we could for them.  Please know you were a blessing for all of us."

    Mick, Bonnie, Dane, & Shana

    "From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the love and care your showed our mom during her stay at Pioneer.  Your staff truly goes above and beyond to make residents comfortable and happy.  I can't imagine a better place for her to have stayed.  Thank you!"

    Kris, Red Lake Falls, MN

    "Thank you so much for the flowers and nice card.  It was very thoughtful and much appreciated."     

    Dave Sisler and Family

    "Pioneer Staff:  Thank you for such care and assistance in helping to put together Mom's 95th Birthday Party.  The whole family and friends appreciate your professionalism and care given to Mom and providing the place to have the party.  Thank you to all in the kitchen and other support staff who assisted in making Mom's party so special.  We thank you for allowing Father John to have the Mass there too."

     Marie and Richard Van Vooven and Family 

    "Thanks for the great picnic!! Good food and good music! Thanks to all who made it possible. It was an enjoyable time." 

    T. Osland

    "I have to tell you that the picnic was awesome. I cannot imagine all the work that goes behind it. But I do know that it could not have been better! EVERYTHING was perfect! Pork, potatoe salad, beans, pickles, cookies,.... the list goes on. But best of all was the people. To me, they care the best and cannot be beat, Please let all know that you all did an excellent job! Thank you! PS- my Mom was thrilled!"

    Jeanine Purcell

    "We want to thank you and the entire staff that helped our Father during the very difficult last few yearsof his life. We believe he was very content there and the care he received was sincere and heartfelt. Thank you all!"

    Lowell and Dani Ranum for the Family

    "To the Staff at Pioneer: From the moment I met you people, I knew you cared about Ted. Your compassion came thru loud and clear. You took such good care of my brother. Thank you so very much. He talked very highly of all of you. Staff, you made things all better in his eyes. Never take your jobs for granted. God has placed you there for a reason. You are ALL awesome nurses! Thanks for your prayers. These months will be hard but with God, we have peace and comfort."

    Robbin and Families

    "My Dad and I would like to thank all the nurses, CNAs, and the social worker in the Oak Wing for the outstanding care Mom received while a resident at Pioneer. I wish we would have kept her at Pioneer, but it is so much better for my Dad to have her in Crookston. Thank you again!"


    "We hope you and your family have a blessed Holiday Season. We want to thank you again for all the emotional support you and the Pioneer Staff gave us during the passing of my parents. The holiday are touch since mom was such a Christmas Holiday lover; we even miss my Dad's "Bah Humbug" attitude. We get comfort in knowing they had good care in their last days!"

    Mick and Bonnie

    "Pioneer Staff and Volunteers - Thank you so much for the rose in memory of Earl. The last year of his life with such wonderful people made a great difference in him. He is at least at peace and his joined his beloved Leala. Our family has made a donation to Pioneer in memory of Earl."

    Krueger Family

    "Pioneer and Staff - Thank you so much for the Christmas card and kind words regarding my Dad. I especially miss him not at Christmas. I reflect back on last year at this time and am so thankful he had a joyous Christmas with all of us. It was so great to see him laughing and enjoying himself. May you all have a very happy Holiday season and blessed new year."

    Tony and Julie Derosier

    "just wanted to let you know how pleased we all are with the Staff at Pioneer. I know that mom has changed and she can be difficult at times ---- but she seems to be happy with what you are doing for her. Thank you for the great care you gave Mom. We just couldn't be more pleased with everyone there."


    Alice Simon -


    “Thanks for the loving care you gave me and Keith, I Loved getting to know you all. Thank you all for the card and sympathy for Keith’s death. The kind words were very helpful.”

    Jenna & Daniel Bendickson -

    “To whom it may concern,”

    “My dad celebrated his 60th Birthday this year & in honor of him we would like to make a donation to the activities department at Pioneer. My dad, Tim Chaput, Speaks highly of Pioneer & the residents. At 60 there doesn’t seem too much he needs in terms of material items but I know it makes his heart happy to see the residents happy. Please use the donation as you wish for the activities program.”

    Lynette Dennis & Murray Borsheim –

    Activity Angels! “Gladys Girls”

    “Thank you all so much for all you did for mom on her birthday & mother’s day. It’s been hard not being able to go see her, especially over her birthday. Thanks so much for wrapping up her gifts & everything you all did to make everything nice for her.  Also, thanks for the great picture of her you posted on Pioneers Facebook with her new outfit on & best of all her hair done!! We appreciate you all so much!”

    Love, Lynette


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